Vacation/Home Watch

The Laurens County Sheriff's Office offers an added sense of security when you go on vacation or out of town. With the Vacation Watch program you can leave your residence knowing law enforcement will keep an eye on it for you. You must complete a form to request this service.  The form can be found here and submitted via email to Lt. Justin Shirley.

While you are out of town the Laurens County Sheriff's Office will check to assure your residence is secure and that it has not been burglarized. If anything out of the ordinary is found during these checks the emergency contact for the location of the residence will be contacted. The frequency of these checks will depend upon the call loads in your area. Active calls for service will take precedence.  

The Vacation Watch Form is used to notify the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office of your upcoming vacation or a period of time that you may be out of town.

Restrictions and Exclusions

  • All Vacation/Home Watch services of a residence will be for a minimum of (3) three days and a maximum of Fourteen (14) consecutive days
  • All active Real Estate (sale/rental/lease) properties are excluded
  • The residence must be vacated for the duration of leave in order to obtain a house watch.  If someone will be staying at the residence, we CANNOT accept your house watch
  • The home owner or designee(s) are responsible for the placing of the home on vacation/house watch.
  • A residence can be placed on House/Vacation watch two (2) times a year.
  • Twenty Four (24) hour notice should be given prior to requesting Vacation/Home watch.    
  • The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee your residence will be checked at specific times or dates, but every effort will be made to check on your residence as time and workload allow.  During the times(s) of a Natural Disaster (Hurricane, Flood, Ice storm, Earthquake, etc…) all Vacation/Home Watch services may be suspended.

Please download and read this form carefully and be aware that by requesting Vacation/Home Watch services, you will be expressly assuming the risk, legal liability, waiving and releasing all claims for injuries, damages, or loss which you might sustain as a result of your request for Vacation/Home Watch services from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office for the subject premises.

This form can be downloaded and submitted by clicking below:

All information provided is Completely Confidential. If you live outside of Laurens County, you must contact your County’s local Police/Sheriff’s agency. Upon Returning from Vacation, please call Lt. Justin Shirley at 478-272-1522 to cancel your house watch. For any questions or problems with the Sheriff’s Office Vacation House Watch, please give us a call.

You will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of All Claims as stated here:
On behalf of myself individual, my/our family, and/or my/our respective heirs, successors, and assign (hereinafter, “I/we”, “my/our” or “me/us”), I/we:

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office cannot and do not guarantee the security of the subject premises
  2. Voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity that I/we may sustain as a result of such Vacation/Home Watch services (hereinafter “such service”) and/or my/our request for such services relative to the subject premises
  3. Agree to waive and relinquish all claims I/we may have (or which may accrue to me/us) against the releases as a result of such services and /or  my/our request for such services from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office
  4. Do hereby fully release and forever discharge all of said releases from any and all claims for injuries, damages, or loss that I/we may sustain or which my accrue to me/us arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with such services and/or my/our request for such services.

With the submission of this form, you will affirm that you have read and fully understand the above information, assumptions of risk and waiver and release of all claims.