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Laurens County Commissioner

District 2

Trae Kemp


Phone: (478) 697-6811

Download a Printable District Map
Download a District Map


The following projects have been completed or proposed since my being elected to District 2.  Roads with an active status indicate that they have already been approved and are in the process of completion.  Roads labeled “proposed” are roads that I would like to have paved but have not been voted on by the Commission. 
This list is not comprehensive.  I would like to pave many more roads while I serve on the Commission, but these represent the roads I feel confident that will be approved for paving during my present term.  If you would like for a road to be considered for paving or repair, feel free to email or call.

Capitol Paving Projects
Hall Road – still acquiring right-of-way for portion west of HWY 19
Butler Road – Spring 2017
Curl Lane – proposed
Sudie Pearl Jones Road – proposed
Anderson Road - proposed

“In Place” Paving Projects (do not require additional right-of-way)
Collins Lane – completed 11/16
Tucker Road –completed 11/16
Lane Dover Road - proposed
Saddle Drive – proposed
Pine Drive – proposed
Forest Hill Circle – proposed
Bailey Lane - proposed
Railroad Street - proposed

Resurfacing Projects
Taylor Rowland Road – completed 5/16
Dublin Eastman Road – completed 8/16
Rentz Dexter Road – completed 4/17
Faulk Road – completed 4/17
Emily Curry Road – Spring 2017

Miscellaneous Projects
Coleman Register Road – bridge replacement at Lime Sink Creek; begins Spring 2017
Greg Couey Road –completed 11/16
US Highway 441 - Widening & Resurfacing
Restriping 2017


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last updated Januray 11, 2017