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Laurens County Commissioner

District 2

Trae Kemp


Phone: (478) 697-6811

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Road Closures

Dirt roads are expensive to maintain.  Unlike paved roads which require less maintenance and are more reliable, dirt roads must be tended to throughout the year.  Given the large fleet that must be purchased and maintained and the salaries of employees running that equipment, it costs the county more than $150 per mile each time dirt roads are scraped.  In District 2 we have over 270 miles of dirt roads which means it costs taxpayers $40,500 every time the district’s roads are scraped!  As I see it, maintaining roads is the single most important financial decision a commissioner can make.  To help save the taxpayers of Laurens County from the burden of a future tax increase, I am proposing to close roads that do not serve the public good.  Generally this means roads that do not have residences, utilities, and high traffic.  The following list represents the roads I have closed during my time as Commissioner of District 2.

Sheffield Road (0.5 miles)
Morton Drive (3.1 miles)
Howard Swinson Road (2 miles)
McDaniel Road (0.5 miles)

Annual Cost Savings = $9,150

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last updated May 5, 2017