Jury Information

Summons to appear for Jury Service are mailed to Jurors at least 25 days in advance of the appearance date. After receiving a Jury Summons, Jurors may call to be excused or deferred if they have a legal excuse or conflict as defined in the Georgia statute. Jurors must be at least 18 years of age, be a United States citizen, and a Laurens County resident to serve as a Juror.

Jury Excuses

  • For Jury Excuses or deferrals contact Jan East at 478-272-4824.

Juror Information Form

On your juror summons you will find a juror information form. You are to complete the form and bring with you to the courthouse when you report for Jury Service. If you misplace the form or fail to bring it with you on the day you report, you can obtain another one from the Clerk.

Jury Information Line

For final instructions regarding Jury Duty call the Jury Information Line at 478-272-3235 after 6 p.m. beginning on the Friday before you are scheduled to report for Jury Duty the following Monday.

Dress Code

Proper dress is required and expected by prospective and / or trial jurors.

  • Men
    • Collared Shirts
    • Long pants worn at waist level
    • Shoes - No flip flops or slides
  • Women
    • Dresses, skirts or slacks - no shorts
    • No flip flops or slides

Time & Money

Jury service typically takes all day, so it is up to you to make any arrangements at home or work. Laurens County jurors are paid $25 per diem for their service.

Additional Questions

If you have questions, contact the office of Clerk of Superior Court for Laurens County at 478-272-3210.