Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is dedicated to investigating felony and misdemeanor crimes that occur within Laurens County and is directed by Captain Robbie Toney.  If you are a victim of a crime and have a question about your case, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 478-272-1522.

Incident reports are reviewed and cases requiring follow-up are assigned to a Investigator. The investigator will then contact the crime victim and conduct the appropriate follow-up investigation. This agency works with all local, state, and federal agencies, using every available resource to solve the crime. Once a case is solved and an arrest is made, the case is sent to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution in the Laurens County Superior Court System.

You can Help Us,
In the past, the Investigative Division has received crucial information from the public that helped our Investigators solve cases. Your Tip could help solve a Murder, Rape, Theft, Robbery, or help provide some other important information about a case. The information you provide us could be the crucial piece that leads to an arrest and conviction of an offender.

If you would like to provide a Tip, please call the Criminal Investigations Division at 478-272-1522 or click HERE to send a tip.