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New E-911 Address

  2. Laurens County E-911 Address Request Form

    Please fill out the required information below.

    Thank you!

  3. Please fill out with as much information as possible to help us locate where you are needing an address at. 

    You MUST have a new E-911 address BEFORE able to fill out a building permit.

    The driveway MUST be marked with ribbons, flags, etc.

    Allow 3-5 business days for an address to be completed. You will be notified via phone call or email of your address. 

    If you need an address verification for the post office, power company, or utility company, please call 478-275-7099 to speak with one of the address clerks.

    Please call 478-275-7099 with any questions prior to filling out this form.

  4. Please list the addresses your property is before and after. Specify whether it is on the same side of the road, across the street, etc. Please provide the nearest intersection.

  5. Please describe the way the driveway is marked. If your property will have a long driveway, gates, security code, etc., please describe it here.

  6. Please provide the Map and Parcel Number, These can be acquired by visiting the Laurens County Tax Assessors Website.

    Addresses will remain as "pending" until plat is recorded and Parcel number is provided 

  7. Laurens County Tax Assessors Website
  8. For 911 Personnel Only
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