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Open Records Request

  1. Laurens County E-911 Open Records Request Form

    Please enter all information below. Failure to provide all information may result in your request being denied. If you are affiliated with an attorney’s office, a private investigator’s office, or insurance company please put your Open Records Request on your agency letterhead and email it to or fax it to 478-275-7259.

    This request is ONLY for the 911 Records, not body cam footage. 

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  5. (Traffic Accident, Domestic, Welfare Check, etc.)

  6. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50 18, 1971(c) and (d), Laurens County is authorized to charge for the costs of producing documents requested. The cost of producing the same is $0.10 per page and $5 per disc, as well as a charge for the "direct administrative costs for complying with a request under this code section." This means you will be charged the hourly salary of the lowest paid full-time employee who has the necessary skill and training to perform the request. However, you will not be charged for the first 15 minutes spent on your request. By submitting this request, you are acknowledging this fee, and understand that you will be required to make payment in full for any records received.
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