District 2


Trae Kemp

(478) 697-6811



The following projects have been completed or proposed since my being elected to District 2. Roads with an active status indicate that they have already been approved and are in the process of completion. Roads labeled “proposed” are roads that I would like to have paved but have not been voted on by the Commission.  Periodically, circumstances dictate a change to the schedule.  Feel free to contact me with questions regarding the projected timeline for a particular project.

This list is not comprehensive. I would like to pave many more roads while I serve on the Commission, but these represent the roads I have worked to complete in my present term. If you would like for a road to be considered for paving or repair, feel free to email or call.

Capital Projects

These paving projects are larger and generally require the County to acquire at lease 60 feet of right-of-way.  These roads are much wider than in-place projects but take substantially longer to complete.
  • Anderson Road - TIA Project (approved)
  • Butler Road - TIA Project (in progress)
  • Curls Lane - Completed 2018
  • Davis Road - Proposed
  • Hall Road (HWY 19 to Greg Couey) - Proposed
  • Hall Road (Rock Springs to HWY 19) - Completed 2017
  • St. Mark Road - Proposed
  • Sudie Pearl Jones Road - Completed 2018

“In Place” Paving Projects

These paving projects create smaller roads that do not require additional right-of-way and are generally not striped.  While these projects are more affordable for the County, there are strict guidelines to which roads qualify.
  • Bailey Lane - Completed 2018
  • Barrs/Bryan Road - In progress
  • Collins Lane - Completed 2016
  • Forest Hill Circle - Completed 2017
  • Hampton Lane - Proposed
  • Hobbs Road - Completed 2019
  • Honeysuckle Circle - Completed 2018
  • Iris Lowery Loop - Completed 2019
  • Iris Lowery Road - Completed 2019
  • Kitchens Road (Hillbridge to Thompson) - Completed 2019
  • Lane Dover Road - Completed 2017
  • Milbria Road - Proposed
  • Morton (at Collection Center) - Proposed
  • Pine Drive - Completed 2017
  • Railroad Street - Completed 2019
  • Saddle Drive - Completed 2017
  • Scoggins Road - In progress
  • Stewart Road - Completed 2020
  • Tucker Road - Completed 2016

Special Tax Districts

Before the County's subdivision ordinance, property could be subdivided without providing public road access to each parcel.  This created a driveway on private property that could not be maintained by the County.  Without proper maintenance these roads quickly become difficult to travel and represent a safety issue for residences.  To solve this issue, a special tax district can be created where each property owner pays an additional amount in taxes for a fix period of time (i.e. $700 for five years).  The following list includes proposed projects.
  • Southwoods Subdivision - residences have voted in favor of he project.  All roads in the subdivision have been added to the paving list.
  • Matts Drive - residences have voted in favor of the project.  The road has been added to the paving list.

Resurfacing Projects

  • Antioch Church Road - Completed 2018
  • Doyle Taylor Road - Completed 2018
  • Dublin Eastman Road - Completed 2016
  • Emily Currie Road - Completed 2017
  • Faulk Road - Completed 2017
  • Hillbridge Road - Completed 2020
  • John Vaughn Road - Completed 2018
  • Lowery Fire House Road - Completed 2018
  • Rentz Dexter Road - Completed 2017
  • Rock Springs Road - Completed 2019
  • Taylor Rowland Road - Completed 2016

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Greg Couey Road - Completed November 2016
  • Lime Sink Creek Bridge - Completed August 2017