U.S. Highway 441 - Widening & Resurfacing

Phase One

In the next few years, the state of Georgia will be resurfacing and widening Highway 441/SR 31 from I-16 to Emily Currie Road. In the process, the state will be altering the adjoining intersections. I have posted the state maps of the future construction and have links to specific intersections that will be affected in District 2. Please note that this is a state of Georgia project and they will be completely responsible for all construction.

Phase Two

The State is considering continuing its widening efforts from the Phase One project area down Highway 441 to Highway 46.  For more information on this project, please attend one of the two information session being offered.  The link below has all the information being provided by the GDOT.  

Phase Two GDOT Flyer

Projects (Phase One)